Master Certification In Hysteroscopy By Keil School Of Gynecological Endoscopy

Course Feature
  • Date 14- 15 December 2017
  • Course Type CME Hours Offered
  • Min Qualification MBBS
  • Course Fees AED 3200 (USD 870)
  • Venue Sharjah Clinical & Surgical Training Center
    University Hospital Sharjah, U.A.E
Course Details

“In a highly-specialized masterclass we open the real vision for you with reasoning and hands on to recognize and treat the “UTERINE CAVITY” for fertility and bleeding problems like adhesions, polyps, fibroids, septum and removal of foreign bodies. The program will make you an expert forever. Certification includes a MC test and a practical test. Hysteroscopy will be “everoscopy for you”.

Course Content

  • “Virtual reality training”  for hysteroscopy 
  • Dilation media & their problems 
  • Diagnostic hysteroscopy with practical examples 
  • Operative hysteroscopy with practical examples 
  • Complications at hyteroscopy – fluid overload 
  • Hysteroscopic Myomectomiés & septum dissection 
  • Preparactón of the patient and planning of the procedure 
  • “Pepperoscopy", presentation of models for diagnostic hysteroscopy
  • Principles of electrosurgery in hysteroscopy 
  • Indicacions for hysteroscopy 
  • Hysteroscopy  &  adenomyosis
  • Equipments for hysteroscopy
  • Sterilizatión of  instruments