Dr. Jwan Mansoor(Emirates Hospital – Dubai, UAE)

It was an excellent experience, everything was available and everyone was really helpful. I’ll be coming back for courses in October and November 2016

Dr. Dolores Kent (Emirates Hospital – Dubai, UAE)

Information shared was excellent !!! and so was the content !!!

Dr. Shameem Mir (Latifa Hospital, Dubai , UAE)

We were given much more practice on hands – on.

Dr. Mary Phyllis Robert (Lifelife Hospital, Abu Dhabi)

To come to this course was of significance as the course was presented to me in an OBGYN conference by Dr. Musarrat himself . This was one of the best courses I have attended. Very informative, along with visual slides. The interaction was very good between the speaker and the audience. The audience was of a limited number which again added to its uniqueness. Not but the least, the organizers have done their job in silence but perfectly. I would definitely recommend my colleagues to attend the Ultrasound courses by Dr. Musarrat.

Dr Jane, UAE

I had a great experience thanks to the hard work from everyone at AECS. When you work hard, put forth everything you can, AECS will help you reach your goals and dreams.